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Frozen Lemonade-Pineapple Party Punch
Frozen Lemonade-Pineapple Party Punch
Judy's Oh So Refreshing Punch!
Skip and Go Naked
Mexican Sunrise Punch
Skinny Girl's Margarita


Frozen Lemonade-Pineapple Party Punch

Contributed by Lisa E.

This punch is my Grandma OíConnellís recipe. It's funny that it came from her since she never touched alcohol, but it's a big hit at parties! You can also make a nonalcoholic version by omitting the vodka and adding a few more cans of water.

2 large cans frozen lemonade concentrate
2 large cans frozen pineapple juice concentrate
5 cans water
1 standard size bottle of vodka
1 large bottle of club soda

Mix up the concentrate, 5 cans of water and vodka in a big punch bowl or serving bowl. Freeze overnight, or for at least 10-12 hours. Mix in the club soda and mix until slushy. Serve. The slush will melt after 90 minutes or so, but you can serve it over ice at that point. If your parties are like mine, it will be gone in 90 minutes anyway!



Contributed by Sarah J.

With all the fruit floating on the top, it makes a pretty beverage at parties, and itís always a hit.

2 oranges chopped
2 lemons chopped
2 limes chopped
2 apples chopped
1 box of "Delicious Red" wine (or any boxed red wine)
1 1/2 litter bottle diet citrus soda
2 cups triple sec (1/2 of medium bottle)

Put all ingredients in a punch bowl and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. The longer it sits, the better.


Skip & Go Naked

Contributed by Traci P.

We first started making this drink the summer 1998....and once we did, we made it all summer! I got it out of a Susan Branch cook book. It is very refreshing and easy to make (and with a name like skip and go naked it's got to be good!)

2/3 cup cold beer
2/3 cup frozen pink lemonade concentrate
1/4 cup vodka
straws or stirrers

Fill blender container 1/2 way with ice. Pour in beer, lemonade & vodka, blend well and serve.


Mexican Sunrise Punch

Contributed by Lisa E.

This is very similar to the taste of a margarita, but without the bite of sweet & sour.

2 cans frozen lemonade concentrate
1 can frozen limeade concentrate
1 can frozen orange juice concentrate (or orange punch concentrate -- it's cheaper)
1 bottle of tequila
9 cans of water
1/2 liter of ginger ale
limes (optional)

Mix it all up and refrigerate. Serve over ice. You can also slice up a few limes and throw on top to make it look more festive.


Judy's Oh So Refreshing Punch!

Contributed by Lisa E.

This is one of many great recipes I got from my mother-in-law. It's really quick and easy. It's a great beverage for showers and other parties.

1 tub tropical Crystal Light
1 can Hanson's guava nectar
1 litre seltzer water
2 litres Diet Sprite or Diet Slice

Mix tub of Crystal Light with Hanson's fruit juice. Add seltzer water and Sprite. Enjoy!


Skinny Girl's Margarita

Contributed by Lisa E.

Following is the one and only thing I've ever learned from a reality TV show. One of the gals on the Real Housewives of NYC ordered it, and it sounded good since margaritas always make me sick to my stomach. I definitely wouldn't recommend having more than one of these, but we had one on our last girls' night out and we all enjoyed it. You order it just like this:

Patron Silver
Lime juice
And a splash of Triple Sec, on the rocks